First Visit

If your dentist is referring you for a complete examination, all of the teeth and soft tissues of the mouth will be examined. A sixty-minute examination is generally necessary for an examination and consultation. Please complete all forms, including medical and dental histories, prior to your first visit.

Do I Need X-Rays?

If you are coming to our office for a complete periodontal consultation, we need to obtain x-rays including a complete full-mouth series that shows us the roots of your teeth and the boneline of your jaw surrounding these roots. If these are unavailable from your general dentist, we can arrange to have them taken preceding your initial examination.

What About Cost and Insurance?

Since all patients are different, Dr. Du must complete your examination and review treatment options with you so that you can choose which is best solution for your particular situation. Our financial coordinator can give you costs for treatment options along with estimates of insurance benefits. f you have dental insurance, please bring all dental benefit information and ID cards to your examination appointment.

When Will I Go Back To My General Dentist?

Your general dentist is like the quarterback of a football team.He or she coordinates treatment among specialists and is responsible for your overall dental healthcare. Our office and your dentist will work closely together. Many times, you may have sequenced restorative treatment by your general dentist during your active periodontal treatemnt. It is important to continue seeing your general dentist for your regular dental exams even during active periodontal or implant treatment. As soon as you are stable enough to return to your dentist full time, we will send you back.

Will One Exam Visit Suffice?

Most of the time. Sometimes other tests or consultations are needed such as CAT scans for some implant procedures. It is better to get all relevant diagnostic information prior to making a treatment plan. We realize your time is valuable and make every effort to be efficient and to save you time.