Scaling & Root Planing

The initial stage of treatment in uncomplicated cases of periodontal disease may include a thorough cleaning to remove plaque and calculus (tartar) deposits above and below the gum line.
Rough tooth roots can be smoothed at that time to remove outer layers of root that have been contaminated by bacterial toxins. The root planning takes approximately 1 hour per quarter of your mouth. It is generally done in two 2 hour visits or one four hour visit. The areas are anesthetized with the local anesthesia and patients can have oral sedition to make the visit easier and time pass quickly. This procedure is more sophisticated and effective than can be performed at a general dental office because this is our specialty and area of expertise. We have instruments including the Perioscope that allow us to visualize calculus, plaque, caries and fractures on the root surface while we are working.

Antibiotics are sometimes prescribed in conjunction with root planning and comprehensive oral hygiene instructions and excellent home care are vital to successful resolution of periodontal infections. After root planning, results will be evaluated by re-measuring pocket depths and evaluation of the inflammatory and oral hygiene status. This will be performed either by Dr. Du 4 to 6 weeks after root planning at a “re-evaluation” appointment or at a periodontal maintenance cleaning 3 months after root planning. At that time any further treatment, if necessary, can be planned. Please not that because of the visual access the Perioscope allows us, areas that in the past required surgery can now be successfully managed by the Perioscopy alternative.